About Starov


 by Mikhail Barancheev

 In the studio of Olga Karpacheva


Starov Art Gallery was started in 2005 with the intention of accumulating a collection of Russian and Ukrainian art for both my personal enjoyment (the walls of my home are full), as well as making much of the art available for purchase by prospective buyers within the US and Canada.

This website contains many of the pieces I have accumulated over the past few years. Some of the pieces have been sold, some I may keep for myself and never sell and some are currently available for purchase.

If you have any interest in purchasing a particular piece, please feel free to inquire via the contact link, providing me with the artists name and the name of the painting. I will promptly provide information regarding availability and price.

Traveling to Russia and Ukraine multiple times a year has led me to create an extensive contact list within the art community. Please use the contact link for any comments or questions, including any particular artist, painting, style or genre that may interest you. Commission work is also available.

Thanks & Regards,
James M. Brasfield