Olga Grigorieva

Olga Studied at the Samokish's Crimea Art College in Simferopol from 2001 to 2006, graduating with honors.

She is now a student at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev...
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Vladimir Igoshev

Vladimir Igoshev

People's Artist of the USSR

Vladimir Igoshev was born in Bashkiria, Russian Republic, USSR

He graduated from the Theatrical Arts College in Ufa in 1940.

Vladimir was a...
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Sergey Ivanov

Born in Moscow.

Sergey Studied at Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts ("MIPIDI"), from 1947-1952.

He studied at the Leningrad Higher Arts & Crafts College from 1952-1953.

Sergey was active primarilly...
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Olga Karpacheva

Born in Vologda, Russia Republic USSR

1991-1996 Studied at Suzdal Restoration school specializing in oil and tempura restorations. Graduated with highest honors.
Olga is highly respected nationally as a restorer and has been...
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Vitaly Karpenko

Vitaly was born in 1963 in Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine, USSR

He graduated from the Kharkov Academy of Art in 1986 and the Restoration Center in St. Petersburg in 1990.

He currently lives in Yalta.


Anatoli Karyakin

Anatoli Karyakin was born in the Ryazan Region of the USSR

He studied at the Moscow State College (commanly known as the V. I. Surikov institute) from 1946 to 1952.

Anatoli has been exhibiting since 1954.

He has taught at the Moscow College of Arts from 1956 to 1981.


Evgeny Khoroshilov

Evgeny was born in Voronezh, a provincial city within the Russian Republic, USSR.

He graduated from the Elets Art College in 1953. He then attended the Higher Arts and Crafts College in Leningrad before...
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Tatiana Konovalova-Kovrigina

People's artist of the USSR.

In 1936 graduated from the Moscow lithograph art school.

From 1936 to 1951 Tatiana studied at the Moscow Surikov Art Institute under the tutorship of famous...
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Valery Konstantinov

Valery was born in the Russian city of Vologda and currently lives and works there.

He studied and graduated from the Kalin Art College.

Valery became a member of the Union of Russian Artists...
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Ivan Kovalenko

Ivan graduated from the Lviv Art Institute in 1956 where he studied with the famous Ukrainian artists Bendrik and Lyubchik.

He has participated in over 25 exhibitions within Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and the United States.


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