Victor Neberikutya

Born in Dagestan USSR.

1990 Completed his art-graphic education at the Dagestan state pedagogical institute of Makhachkala (Mylnikova school). Attained status of ‘The Deserved Artist of...
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Valentina Nechaeva

Valentina was born in Moscow in 1920

She graduated from All-Union Institute of Cinematography where she studied under the
tutelage of Yu. Pimenov and F.Bogorodski. Her diploma work was made in the studio
of K.Yuon.

Valentina became famous as a cartoon drawer. Several generations of Soviet era children watched her cartoon...
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Anatoli Novgorodov

Born in Kets Kurgan region.

From 1975 to 1980. studied at the Chelyabinsk art school. Anatoli lives and works in Vologda, he has been a participant in city and regional exhibitions.


Nikolay Ovchinnikov

He was born in the village of Mizhuli in Mariyinsk-Posadsky District of the Chuvash Republic.

Studied in Alatyr Art School (1937).

During 1939-1945, Ovchinnikov fought in the Soviet-Finnish...
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Igor Ponkratov


Igor was born in the Kharkov region.

He graduated from the Kharkov Art College in 1998.

Igor is currently a student at the Kharkov State Academy of Design and...
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Vladimir Pusovsky

Vladimir was born in 1951 in Belarus.

He graduated from the Moscow Art College in memory of 1905.

Vladimir is an Honored Artist of Belarus.

He lives and works in Moscow.


Vladimir Pustarnakov

Vladimir Pustarnakov was born in the city of Ufa.

He participated in the Great Patriotic War, commanding a machine gun platoon and was seriously wounded. After the war, he studied art in Moscow...
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Evsei Reshin

Evsei was born in Novaya Bukhara, Uzbekistan USSR.

His first art education was obtained at Moscow Art School under the tutorship of V.P. Bichkov.

From 1934 to 1936, Evsei attended and graduated...
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Serafima Ryangina

Born in St. Petersburg.

She trained under Dmitry Kardovsky at the St Petersburg Academy of Arts (1912-18 and 1921-23).

Moved to Moscow following her training and lived there the rest of her...
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Gleb Savinov

Gleb Savinov was born in Natalievka, Ukraine. His father, Alexander Ivanovich Savinov, was a well-established artist and Gleb's first teacher.

He entered the Repin Institute studying there from 1934 to...
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