Valentina Nechaeva

1920 - 1992

Valentina was born in Moscow in 1920

She graduated from All-Union Institute of Cinematography where she studied under the
tutelage of Yu. Pimenov and F.Bogorodski. Her diploma work was made in the studio
of K.Yuon.

Valentina became famous as a cartoon drawer. Several generations of Soviet era children watched her cartoon film masterpieces in the 1950's and 60's: "Fairy Tale about Tsar Sultan", "Fairly Tale about Fisherman and Fish" and "Polkan and Shavka" to name a few.

She was a participant in All-Union exhibitions and foreign shows from 1954.

Valentina Nechayeva's works are preserved at the collection of Tver (Kalinin) State Picture Gallery.

Valentina is the wife of another famous Soviet era artist, Nikita Chebakov.

Works by Valentina Nechaeva

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On the Bird Farm