Ekaterina Zernova

1900 - 1995

Ekaterina Zernova is one of the more well known 20th century Soviet artists. In 1974, she was awarded the prestigious title of ‘Honored Artist of the Soviet Union'.

Ekaterina graduated from the Studio of F. Rerberg in 1917, the year of the Bolshevik revolution. In 1919-24 she studied at the State Free Art Shops where her teachers were I. Mashkov, A. Shevchenko and D. Shterenberg.

In 1928-31, she was an active member of the OST (The Society of Easel Painters). During this time, in addition to painting, she worked as a book and poster designer.

In 1929-33 Ekaterina took part in the exhibitions of the All-Union Society of Cultural Relationship with Foreign Countries in Amsterdam, New York, Boston, Stockholm, Berlin, Vienna, Venice, Madrid, Paris, London and in many other cities of Europe and the USA.

In 1936 her first personal exhibition took place in Moscow.

In the immediate years following World War 2, Ekaterina worked in the theatre and cinema with Yu. Pimenov and taught at the Memory of 1905 Art School in Moscow.

Since the 1950s, Ekaterina has worked as a monumental painter.

Zernova's works were acquired by the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the National Museum in Warsaw (Poland) and by private collectors R. Johnson and M.-C. Bown.

Ekaterina was awarded the title of Honoured Artist of the Soviet Union in 1974.


Works by Ekaterina Zernova

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Portrait of NurseGirl Fastening a KerchiefThe Branches Against the SkyA Garden in Bloom