Nikolay Ovchinnikov

1918 - 2004

He was born in the village of Mizhuli in Mariyinsk-Posadsky District of the Chuvash Republic.

Studied in Alatyr Art School (1937).

During 1939-1945, Ovchinnikov fought in the Soviet-Finnish War on the Karelian Isthmus and World War II.

Since 1944, a member of the USSR Union of Artists.

In 1951 he graduated the Ilya Repin Institute of Arts, Sculpture and Architecture of the USSR Academy of Arts in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg (workshop of Professor R.R. Frenz). A Candidate degree in Art Studies in 1954.

Since 1960, he was an associate professor of the Chair of Arts at the Fine and Graphic Arts Department of the Chuvash State Teacher's Institute named after I.Ya. Yakovlev.

Secretary of the Board of the RSFSR Union of Artists (1961-1983).

Chairman of the Board of the Union of Artists of the Chuvash ASSR (1963-1989).

People's Artist of the Chuvash ASSR (1968).

Professor of Fine Arts Chair (1973).

Full member of the National Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Chuvash Republic (1995).

RSFSR People's Artist (1984).


Works by Nikolay Ovchinnikov

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